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While approaching each individual client we always priorly assess, what will be the best massage experience for him or her at the given moment:

  • An intense, fast and re-charging massages like “Sports” or “Revitalizing”?
  • Or perhaps a smooth, relaxing, taking all troubles away massages type, which can be easily found within our “Swedish full body massage”; “Deep Tissue Massage” or “Aromatherapy”?
  • The extravagant and fun-spirited “Hot Stones Therapy” or “Sticks & Stones” one?
  • Also keep in mind, that we have 2 separate massages for both pregnant and postnatal women…

In our work we have few principles that we always stand by, such as:

  • We believe in treating ourselves, each other, and the surrounding world with care and respect
  • We believe that we are all part of one big community
  • We believe we each have the powers enough to bring changes and manifest our destiny

Salon’s Team

Mary Casserole

Salon Owner

Mary founded the salon with her own principal capital, which earned by working at other massage salons and saving money for her dream. It makes a statement about how powerful and independent individual she is! She is a strong believer in the healing and revitalizing power of the massage therapy…

Elisa Grey

Senior Masseur

Elisa’s vast range of skills and knowledge lets her work with individuals seeking stress management and general relaxation… Her bag-of-tricks is filled with practical skills she applies to those therapeutic massages that we offer here.

Caroline Camille

Senior Masseur

Her favorite massage techniques include the “Deep Tissue Massage”; “Revitalizing Massage” and our all-time hit the full body “Swedish Massage”…

Not even once any of our clients had any kinds of complaints about her massage sessions! Quite oppositely, Caroline has the most positive reviews of us all!

Kimberly Boyle

Junior Masseur

Being 24 years old, Kimberly is very knowledgeable and moves on providing a top-notch type of relaxing massage, according to the highest standards, in a pleasant surrounding. It makes her one of our most valuable team members ever, despite her young age!


Something good should not always be unattainably priced... We aim to bring the balance to our quality/cost ratio, making it affordable for all citizens of Chicago!


Our Chicago salon features the most diverse and universally fit list of massage types. From intensive sports massage all the way to pre and post natal, or full body...


We understand that people rarely have time to go to the massage salon during the working day or week... So we work 24/7, on-site and on the weekends as well!

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